Test z języka angielskiego
Spośród podanych niżej możliwości wybierz jedyne poprawne uzupełnienie zdania hasłowego
I ___ from New York.isaream
___ name is Colin.HerMeMy
We ___ students.isaream
___ are you from?WhoWhereWhat
What do you do? I am ___ doctor.anathe
Kate ___ up at 8 o’clock.gotsgetgets
___ you like reading books?DoesAreDo
We ___ work on Sunday.doesn’taren’tdon’t
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, ___MondayTuesdayTuesday
Have you ___ a dog?gotgetsome
___ 5 people in my class.There areThere isThey are
They don’t have ___ money.someaany
They ___ got a big house in Warsaw.hasn’tdoesn’t havehaven’t
Do you like swimming? Yes, I ___didamdo
Kate doesn’t like ___ books.to readreadreading
I can’t buy it. It is too ___.cheapa lotexpensive
Warsaw is a noisy, ___ city.busyquiettraffic
I ___ right now. I will call you later.‘m workingworkworking
We ___ at school yesterday.arewaswere
I didn’t ___ dinner on Monday.cookedcookcooking
She didn’t ___ glasses when she was eight .hasworewear
He ____ the film yesterday.likeslikedhas liked
___ old is your brother?WhatWhenHow
I can’t ___.swimto swimswimming
Do you like the small ___ ?thatonethis
Kate is vegetarian. She ___ meat.always eatssometimes eatnever eats
There isn’t___ food left in the fridge.anynoa
My friend ___ to Greece two years ago.goedwentgoes
Yesterday was the ___ of May.twoday twosecond
I ___ drink coffee in the morning.usuallyusualuse
John is taller ___ Chris.thenthanthat
This is ___ most expensive restaurant in Warsaw.verythethan
The shop is ___ to the library.behindnextopposite
The phone is ringing. Don’t worry, I ___ it.will answeram answeringanswer
Does she ___ a beach or an adventure holiday?likespreferrather
I ___ home when it started to rain.walkedwalkingwas walking
___ written a poem?Have you everDo you everDid you
We have been married ___ 10 years.sinceduringfor
My son ___ done his homework yet.haven’t hasn’thas
I have never driven a car ___ .alreadyyetbefore
You ___ pay for the book. It’s free.don’t mustdon’t havedon’t need to
Mike was ill yesterday and he ___ go to work.needn’tcouldn’tmustn’t
___ a slice of pizza?Are you wantWould you likeDo you like
Children … play with matches. It’s really dangerous.mustn’tmustneedn’t
These are the documents ___ I signed last month.whowhichwhere
I will stay at home if it ___ .will rainis rainingrains
Spain is not … Russia.big asbigger thanbigger as
I promise ___ you as soon as I can.I’ll helpI’m helpingI help
Are you ___ for one or two nights?staystayingwill stay
I ___ going to learn more English.will amwill
She doesn’t ___ working hard.likinglikelikes
I ___ like to drink a coffee, please.willwouldwant to
My sister is ___ ever late to work.hardhardlyharder
You don’t know her, ___ you?don’t youwilldo
If I___ you, I would go there.were youam youwill be
I ___ my doctor at 6 o’clock tomorrow.will seeam seeingsee
Take a warm sweater, ___ you might get cold.otherwisein caseso that
___ this great book and I can’t wait to see how it ends.I’ve readI’ve been readingI read
It ___ correctly.hasn’t been dohasn’t been donehasn’t done
___ does your mother look like?HowWhatWhy